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Depending on the student's profession and the level of course being taken, IV certification classes can range from a few hours to a full day. Typically, the courses are a short, one-time class.


Certification classes are usually taken by people who are interested in fast-tracking their career progress. The advantages of certification include enhanced professional image, improved self-esteem and established professional credentials.


IV classes for nurses are those classes that involve learning about Intravenous therapy or the administration of fluid substances into human veins, as noted by the Rutgers University School of Nursing. Nurses take these classes in order to be equipped to deal with blood...


Study.com is a good resource for finding online courses that provide nurses with certification as a Certified Registered Nurse Infusionist, or CRNI. The top online CRNI programs on this website are University of Saint Francis, ITT Technical Institute and Kaplan Universi...


Classes for purchasing certification include Business Ethics for Buyers and Sellers, Managing Inventory: Maintaining the Proper Level, and Essential Law for Buyers and Sellers, according to the American Purchasing Society. Math for Purchasing and Business is also requir...


A third-class medical certificate is a certificate given to a private, recreational or student pilot. This certificate is required to get clearance to fly solo.


While certification requirements for teachers vary according to state, all states require aspiring teachers to complete a general teaching certification exam, as well as a content-specific test for the particular subject she wants to teach. The National Board Certificat...