Rashes are often caused by contact with an irritating substance or allergen, according to WebMD. Common causes of rashes include poison ivy, soaps, perfumes, latex, jewelry and fabrics. Sometimes rashes are caused by vir... More »

Pictures of adult skin rashes are available on, and Rashes are irritations of the skin and are commonly red, itchy and painful. They can indicate a medical problem. Other causes o... More »

Burning and itchy skin with no rash can have a variety of causes including dry skin, internal diseases and nerve disorders, according to Mayo Clinic. Treating the condition involves diagnosis and using various itch-relie... More »

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Home treatment for diaper rash on adults wearing incontinence briefs includes keeping the skin dry by changing the brief when it is wet and soiled and ensuring the skin is not in contact with stool or urine, explains Web... More »

Signs of skin irritations caused by an allergic reaction include hives that produce welts or red bumps and a rash that itches and burns due to contact dermatitis, which is a condition that results when the skin is in con... More »

A rash on top of the foot can develop due to a variety of factors that include contact with harsh chemicals, such as laundry detergents; skin conditions, such as eczema; poison ivy; and insect stings, explains HealthGrad... More »

There are many causes for contact dermatitis, a condition in which the skin becomes red, itchy, sore or inflamed after direct contact with a particular substance, according to MedlinePlus. However, there are two categori... More »