An itchy skin rash can be soothed by caring for the skin carefully, using oatmeal-based products or applying topical medication, reports Wake Forest Baptist Health. A skin rash that is the result of an allergic reaction ... More »

Rashes are often caused by contact with an irritating substance or allergen, according to WebMD. Common causes of rashes include poison ivy, soaps, perfumes, latex, jewelry and fabrics. Sometimes rashes are caused by vir... More »

Treat an itchy rash that covers a small area of the body by applying a hydrocortisone cream, advises WebMD. Take an oral antihistamine medication to soothe the itching, and contact a doctor if the rash does not go away a... More »

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Lichen planus is an itchy skin rash that is thought to be an immune reaction to certain triggers, states MayoClinic. Though fairly common, the exact reason why it occurs is unknown. Symptoms include mouth sores, skin sor... More »

Burning and itchy skin with no rash can have a variety of causes including dry skin, internal diseases and nerve disorders, according to Mayo Clinic. Treating the condition involves diagnosis and using various itch-relie... More »

Symptoms of Morgellons disease include itchy skin rashes or sores, a feeling of something crawling under the skin, severe fatigue, short-term memory loss and difficulty concentrating, according to Mayo Clinic. Patients m... More »

Although each person's skin reacts differently to treatment for dry, itchy skin, some of the most effective remedies include applying petroleum jelly, moisturizer or hydrating hand sanitizer to the affected area, accordi... More »