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An itchy back can have a variety of causes, including allergies, skin conditions, dry skin and internal diseases, according to Mayo Clinic. Certain substances, such as poison ivy and cosmetics, as well as certain foods can cause allergic reactions and itchy skin.


Possible causes for itchy hands include psoriasis, eczema, scabies or diabetes, according to WebMD. It is also possible that itchy hands are caused by an allergic reaction to something that was touched.


Superstitions about an itchy nose vary geographically, but one common myth claims an itchy nose means you are about to receive a visitor. Additionally, which side of the nose the itch occurs on dictates the gender of the uninvited guest. If the left side of your nose itches, the visitor is going to


According to the Mayo Clinic, itchy skin is most often due to minor conditions such as dryness or allergies, however, itching can also be related to serious conditions, including kidney failure or liver disease. With itching due to dryness, applying a good quality moisturizer and avoiding harsh soap


The Mayo Clinic provides a list of several remedies to combat itchy skin, including using a high-quality moisturizing lotion daily, applying anti-itch cream to the affected area, taking lukewarm baths and showers, adding baking soda or oatmeal to baths, using mild, fragrance-free soaps and laundry d


Nervous habit, fungal infections, psoriasis and dermatitis are four causes of itchy ears, according to the University of Texas Department of Otorhinolaryngology. Itchy ears can also result from an allergic reaction.


Treatment for itchy skin depends on the cause of the irritation, explains WebMD. Treatments vary from changing daily activities to applying topical medications and creams. People are more likely to have the condition if they have dry skin, eczema, allergies, diabetes or are pregnant or elderly.


If the cause of the itching is simply dry skin, this can be remedied by switching from dry foods to moist foods and adding some probiotics to the dog's meals. If allergies are the cause of the itching, fish oils and antihistamines can help.


There are many old wives’ tales and superstitions about why your nose may itch. Some say it means a visitor is coming. If it’s the left nostril that itches, your visitor will be a man. If it’s the right nostril, it’s a woman. In Ireland, an itchy nose may mean you’ll soon get into a fight with someo


Itchy hands and feet may be caused by psoriasis, dry skin, scabies, eczema, allergies or diabetes, according to WebMD. Doctors can assess a patient's symptoms to make a diagnosis and determine an effective treatment plan, such as topical ointments, prescription medications, creams, antihistamines, c