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Superstitions about an itchy nose vary geographically, but one common myth claims an itchy nose means you are about to receive a visitor. Additionally, which side of the nose the itch occurs on dictates the gender of the uninvited guest. If the left side of your nose itches, the visitor is going to


Doctors may either recommend or prescribe several treatments for an itchy ear canal, including eardrops, an antibiotic cream or a topical ointment that treats ear inflammation, explains Healthline. A physician may also prescribe an oral antibiotic if the itching is due to a middle ear infection, not


Possible causes for itchy hands include psoriasis, eczema, scabies or diabetes, according to WebMD. It is also possible that itchy hands are caused by an allergic reaction to something that was touched.


A number of conditions from allergies and dry eye syndrome to conjunctivitis and contact dermatoblepharitis can cause itchy eyes or ocular pruritis, explains the American Academy of Ophthalmology. To successfully treat itchy eyes, a person needs to have the underlying problem treated, not just the s


According to the Mayo Clinic, itchy skin is most often due to minor conditions such as dryness or allergies, however, itching can also be related to serious conditions, including kidney failure or liver disease. With itching due to dryness, applying a good quality moisturizer and avoiding harsh soap


According to the National Cancer Institute, sores inside the nose that do not heal can indicate nasal cavity cancer. Additional signs of nasal cavity cancer include headaches and pain in the sinus area, nosebleeds, lumps inside the nose, pressure in the ear and numbness or tingling of the face. It i


A sore inside the nose can be caused by a common cold, a viral infection or nasal allergies, according to WebMD. An injury to the nose caused by a blow to the area or nose trimming can also cause sores inside the nostrils.


There are many old wives’ tales and superstitions about why your nose may itch. Some say it means a visitor is coming. If it’s the left nostril that itches, your visitor will be a man. If it’s the right nostril, it’s a woman. In Ireland, an itchy nose may mean you’ll soon get into a fight with someo


Lumps inside the nose are nasal polyps. During an allergic reaction or infection, the moist layer inside the nose swells and reddens, sometimes forming a round lump called a polyp. These polyps often hinder breathing by blocking nasal passages, according to Healthline.


Warts can occur inside the nose, although they are more commonly found on the fingers and feet. Warts that grow inside the nose or the sinuses are called nasal papillomas. They are bumpy in appearance and can sometimes develop into squamous cell carcinomas.