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Etymology definition: Etymology is the study of the origins and historical development of words. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


The etymology traces a vocabulary entry as far back as possible in English (as to ... ve·lo·ce . . . adverb or adjective [Italian, from Latin veloc-, velox]


An etymological dictionary discusses the etymology of the words listed. Often, large dictionaries, such as the Oxford English Dictionary and Webster's, ...


We all know pizza hails from Italy, and the word pizza is Italian for pie. It turns out English borrowed (and loved it) from Italian in the 1930s.


6 days ago ... etymology definition: 1. the study of the origin and history of words, ... etymologies that puts some pressure on getting the dictionary out ...


Italian fiasco "bottle" is from Late Latin flasco, a word common to Germanic (German Flasche) and Romanic, but it is unclear whether the Latin or Germanic word ...


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Online Etymology Dictionary (There's also the online OED but it's for pay and I only have access through my school.) French:


EtymologyEdit. From Medieval Latin Italiānus, from Italia (“Italy”)


The Online Etymology Dictionary is a dictionary-style compilation of etymological information for thousands of words. Unlike a regular dictionary, ...


Italian English Dictionary Online Translation, Language, Grammar. ... Vocabolario etimologico della lingua italiana: etymological dictionary by Ottorino ...