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This is a list of notable companies in the information technology sector based in India.Top 10 companies are listed in descending order of their market capitalization, and other companies are listed alphabetically, grouped by the cities in which they are headquartered. Certain companies have main offices in more than one city, in which case they are listed under each, but minor offices and ...


Because this is how we ensure that every customer gets the highest level of consistent service year over year. Saying no is hard to do, but over the course of delivering managed services for more than 25 years we have learned that manageable growth, with the right type of clients who understand the sensitive nature of IT, allows us to fulfill our mission of Happy Customers.


2019 list. Companies are ranked by total revenues for their respective fiscal years ended on or before March 31, 2019. All data in the table is taken from the Fortune Global 500 list of technology sector companies for 2019 unless otherwise specified.. As of 2019, Fortune lists Amazon (revenue of $232.887 billion) in the retailing sector rather than the technology sector.


The 25 biggest IT companies in North America climbed a combined 259 spots in the 2016 Fortune 500 rankings as their sales grew by a total of $49.4 billion and profits grew by a cumulative $4.46 ...


The company was established originally as computing recording company but was later renamed as IBM (International Business Machines) in 1924. IBM headquarter is present in Armonk, New York, and it has a diverse portfolio of software products and services which they are further expanding to cater the current growing needs of existing and new users.


Every software company is an IT company but every IT company may not be a software company. For example, a hardware company is an IT company but not a software company. IT (Information Technology) is a catch-all for the industry at present, any j...


IT Company allow customers to manage every aspect of their domain registration, directly view and manage DNS Host Records for their domain. Web Hosting Experience a streamlined and unified hosting with IT Company which is Integrated with all the leading web hosting control panels for automatic provisioning and management for customers.


Quikteks is an IT support company based in Fairfield, New Jersey whose mission is to help small to medium-sized companies achieve their IT objectives. Whatever type of business your company is engaged in, Quikteks can help it reach it’s full potential by efficiently managing it’s IT needs.


Company Website. The IT department is at least partially responsible for creating and maintaining the company's website. While the content and design of the site may be handled by another department – often Marketing – IT typically creates the code and works with other departments to test the site for usability. Technical Support


ASG is one of the premier IT companies in Johannesburg South Africa and offers professional Outsourced IT services, IT support, IT maintenance, technology and software solutions to the business market. If your business is currently running anywhere from 10 to 250 PCs, the ASG team can provide you with a comprehensive and all-inclusive solution.