Isotopes are used to sterilize medical equipment and perform diagnostic imaging scans and radiopharmaceutical evaluations and treatments in medical settings. They are also used in making smoke detectors, detectors that p... More »

Artificial isotopes are laboratory-created forms of elements. An isotope is an element with a non-standard number of neutrons; these extra neutrons add to the atom's mass and can change the element's physical structure, ... More »

As of 2014, there are 15 isotopes of carbon. They are C-8 through C-22. Only C-12 and C-13 are stable, while the other isotopes are radioactive, and of these, only C-14 is found in nature. More »

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Naturally occurring isotopes of lithium are Li-6 and Li-7. Li-6 is a component of nuclear weapons and also used to produce H-3, a radioisotope which is used in scientific research. Li-7 is used to regulate pH levels of t... More »

An incentive spirometer is a medical equipment that patients use to keep the lungs healthy following a surgical operation, explains MedlinePlus. It allows patients to learn how to take slow, deep breaths. More »

A magnetic resonance imaging machine is medical equipment that uses radio wave energy pulses and a magnetic field to generate accurate images of the structures and organs inside the body, states WebMD. Doctors use the ma... More »

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment and Medical Teams International accept used medical equipment as donations, state the company websites. These organizations have donation points in some states, including New Jersey, Phila... More »