An isometric drawing is a sketch that shows a three-dimensional object on a single plane. The plane is typically a sheet of paper. The purpose of an isometric drawing is to give the draftsperson a way to show how an obje... More »

Isometric piping drawings are used to portray pipe systems in an isometric diagram that can offer depth, length and width in a single view, making it easier to read and understand. The drawings are usually drawn on paper... More »

To draw Freddy Fazbear, begin with a rough sketch to serve as a guide for your drawing, then work out from the sketch, slowly adding more details until the picture is complete. When the picture is finished, erase the gui... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

To begin drawing a pixie, sketch a rough outline of a female human body, and draw a dress on it. Once this is done, move to the face and pencil in the eyes, nose and then mouth. Lastly, add the hair, and add wings to the... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

The yearly salary of a sketch, or drawing artist, depends on the field of work, industry, job requirements and location. The average sketch artist makes between $40,000 to more than $100,000 per year. More »

To draw a cow, sketch out an oval body, add a pill-shaped head, draw the legs and add the rest of the details. This drawing takes only a few minutes and requires a piece of paper and a pencil. More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

Some tips for drawing or sketching people are to use the right pencil hardness, avoid using flash for portrait-drawing photography and using sketch guidelines to draw the proportions correctly. Additional tips are to pra... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing