ISO 9001 is a quality management system based on principles such as customer focus, continual improvement, system approach to management and involvement of people. The other four ISO 9001 principles are leadership, proce... More »

The ISO 9000 set of standards is important because it provides guidelines and resources for companies to consistently make products that meet customer requirements. ISO 9000 includes standards for quality management, eff... More »

ISO standards include various sets of guidelines and instructional practices that cover processes such as quality assurance, environmental management, emergency service management, country codes and occupational safety. ... More »

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Total quality management is a systematic approach to managing the customer experience with a firm and constantly looking to improve it. TQM is driven by ongoing research, feedback and upgrades to the solutions that a com... More »

An organization that is ISO 9001 certified has had its management system audited and found to be compliant with the ISO 9001 requirements for a quality management system. The auditor has to be accredited by the ANSI-ASQ ... More »

Setting up a quality management system, documenting how the system should work, writing a quality manual, controlling the documents and the system and managing records suitably are some of the criteria required to get an... More »

ISO 17025 accreditation is a quality management system and a standard used to judge the technical competency of laboratories and testing facilities. It is considered the most important standard for laboratories and other... More »