An .iso file is a type of archive file composed of the data content of an optical disc. The file name comes from the ISO 9660 file system that was used on earlier data CD-ROMs. More » Technology Digital Storage

ISO on a camera stands for International Standards Organization, which is the governing body that sets sensitivity standards for sensors in digital cameras. ISO settings determine how sensitive the camera’s sensor is to ... More » Technology

Mount an .ISO file and run it as a virtual CD-ROM drive by installing and running a free third-party utility from a reputable software developer. You need a desktop or laptop computer running a supported Operating System... More » Technology Software
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The desktop.ini file is a system file in Windows that dictates the way folders and other files appear. It allows for customization, such as changing a file's standard icon, preventing a folder from being shared and modif... More » Technology Digital Storage

The Master File Table, or MFT, is a database containing at least one entry for every file and directory on a New Technology File System, or NTFS logic volume. Each recorded entry holds the attributes that inform the oper... More » Technology Digital Storage

Delete a corrupted or unreadable file by backing up and reformatting the volume that contains the file. Alternatively, delete a corrupted file with Delete Doctor, a third-party application that works on Windows. You need... More » Technology Digital Storage

Use the free Zamzar online conversion service to convert from an XLSX file to an XLS format. You only need a computer with an Internet connection, a Web browser and an XLSX file to get started. More » Technology Digital Storage