An .iso file is a type of archive file composed of the data content of an optical disc. The file name comes from the ISO 9660 file system that was used on earlier data CD-ROMs. More » Technology Digital Storage

ISO on a camera stands for International Standards Organization, which is the governing body that sets sensitivity standards for sensors in digital cameras. ISO settings determine how sensitive the camera’s sensor is to ... More »

Mount an .ISO file and run it as a virtual CD-ROM drive by installing and running a free third-party utility from a reputable software developer. You need a desktop or laptop computer running a supported Operating System... More » Technology Software

Download and install PowerISO to open an ISO file. You can also use the native ISO mounting software on Mac and Windows 8 computers if you do not want to download a third-party application. Just right-click the ISO, and ... More » Technology Digital Storage

The technique of burning an ISO image file to a USB depends on the operating system of the computer. In most versions of Microsoft Windows, simply selecting the ISO with a mouse and moving it to the USB is sufficient to ... More » Technology Digital Storage

A Video Object (VOB) file is the core file of a DVD, which contains the actual movie data, the supported audio and an MPEG movie stream. Files in a VOB format are usually encrypted. More » Technology Digital Storage

An AMR file can be played by clicking on the file and letting the computer select an appropriate program with which to open it. If the computer cannot find a program to open the AMR file, there are many programs that use... More » Technology Digital Storage