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Is the National Dean's List Legitimate? The National Dean's List was a marketing business run by Educational Communications, Incorporated, which used data mined from mailing lists to "nominate" people throughout the United States for a so-called prestigious honor.


I got a letter in the mail saying I've been nominated to the National Dean's List. It says the honor is reserved for only 1/2 of 1% of our nation's college students but I'm quite skeptical this is just the "Who's who" version for colleges.


The National Dean's List: The National Dean's List: 1987-1988, 11th Annual Edition by Educational Communications Inc. 11: The National Dean's List: 1992-1993, 16th Annual Edition by Paul C. Krouse: 16: The National Dean's List: 1992-1993, 16th Annual Edition - Volume II by Educational Communications Inc. 16-II


The National Dean's List, as well as any other COMPANIES that let you buy overpriced books with your names on it, is a SHAM. NEVER put this on your resume! I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing/than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.--E.E.Cummings. About the Ads. OP . P. Premed2003 Senior Member.


Best Answer: The National Dean's List is the largest, most prestigious publication in the country recognizing gifted students selected by their deans, comparable faculty members or other educational organizations. There is an actual prestige attached to this award you get recognition by getting your biography published in a book. You can get signed up for the student referral service and it is...


This business or entity has promised me to ship me my personal biography honored in their National Dean's List book but they never sent it to me when I ordered it in march. They cashed the check for $78.45 (plus shipping and handling) in June and I called them asking for it and promised to be there within a business week, it never happened. Osker


How do you verify if the national deans list is legitimate? The NDL is supported by very legitimate honor societies like Phi Theta Kappa. No, you do not have to give them money or buy anything to ...


If so, you are the victim of a scam, according to the Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency. The Web site at “unsub.us” mimics the language, look, and navigation of the Web site for the National Do Not Call Registry, a legitimate free service of the federal government. The unsub.us site is not run or authorized ...


The International Dean’s List Society had been designated an Educational Public Charity tax exempt organization by the IRS. We received an ‘A’ rating by the Better Business Bureau prior to designation. We are pleased to announce our most recent scholarship recipients.


Is the National Dean's List a scam? I received a letter stating that I have been nominated by someone to be on THE NATIONAL DEAN'S LIST. I currently am on the dean's list at my college, so I am not sure whether this letter is a scam.