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square * * * * * A square is an example, but is not the whole answer. A polygon wit all sides congruent is an equilateral polygon (think equilateral triangle, or a rhombus).


A square is a polygon with four sides. A polygon is defined as a closed plane figure with three or more sides. The sides of a polygon are line segments. A square has four angles and two diagonals. The diagonals of a square bisect each other and are equal in length. In a square, all four sides are equal in length, and all four angles are right ...


Polygons are many-sided figures, with sides that are line segments.Polygons are named according to the number of sides and angles they have. The most familiar polygons are the triangle, the rectangle, and the square.A regular polygon is one that has equal sides. Polygons also have diagonals, which are segments that join two vertices and are not sides.


Polygons are all around us. Who of us has ever seen a triangle or a square? A polygon is defined as a 2-dimensional shape with straight sides. Regular polygons have sides and angles that are all ...


Regular Polygon is a polygon that has all same length of sides and same degrees of angles. Ex: Regular Triangle 60degrees on every angle and 5cm in all sides. Regular Quadrilateral - Square ...


the polygon because a square is a rectangle with all four sides equal so obviously a rectangle is a square which leaves you with the polygon that has no right angle what so ever!


Any surface is modelled as a tessellation called polygon mesh. If a square mesh has n + 1 points (vertices) per side, there are n squared squares in the mesh, or 2n squared triangles since there are two triangles in a square. There are (n + 1) 2 / 2(n 2) vertices per triangle.


A crossed square is a faceting of the square, a self-intersecting polygon created by removing two opposite edges of a square and reconnecting by its two diagonals. It has half the symmetry of the square, Dih 2, order 4. It has the same vertex arrangement as the square, and is vertex-transitive.


Converse, Inverse, Contrapositive. STUDY. Flashcards. Learn. Write. Spell. Test. PLAY. Match. Gravity. Created by. lelbert. Terms in this set (20) converse of a conditional. ... If a polygon is not a square, then it is not a rectangle. Converse of If a polygon is a square, then it is a rectangle.


Yes. A regular polygon must has all sides equal and all angles equal. A square is made of four equal sides with four 90 [math]degrees [/math]angle.