A soft drink is an example of a homogeneous mixture. In a homogeneous mixture, all of its components are spread evenly throughout the substance. In soft drinks, the sweetener, carbon dioxide bubbles, water and additional... More »

Air is a homogeneous mixture. In a homogeneous mixture, all of the components are uniformly distributed. This type of mixture contains only one phase of matter: gas, liquid or solid. More »

Brass is a homogeneous mixture of copper and zinc in which the concentration of zinc and copper is the same throughout the entire mixture. Brass is an example of a solid homogeneous mixture. This type of mixture also occ... More »

A homogeneous mixture is one where all the components are uniformly distributed and a heterogeneous mixture is one where the components have localized regions with different properties. The difference simply lies in how ... More »

Iodine crystals are not a homogeneous mixture, as they cannot be physically broken down into pure compounds or elements. Because the only element present in this case is iodine, which crystallizes in the solid phase, iod... More »

Another name for a homogeneous mixture is a solution. The term "solution" is more frequently used when a homogeneous mixture is a liquid, although it is sometimes used if the homogeneous mixture is a gas. Another name fo... More »

Sand is an example of a mixture with different solid particles. Concrete is another example of solid mixture. A mixture is a combination of two different substances that do not chemically combine. Also, mixtures are subs... More »