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A size 8 woman's is equal to a size 6.5 in men's shoes if the foot is wide, size 6 if the foot is normal width, size 5.5 if it's narrow. Ask for a size 6 to start, then if that doesn't fit, try the next lower or higher 'half-size' until you get the pair that 'fits you' in the style you want.


Is a Men's Shoe Size 6 the Same As a Women's Shoe Size 8? In Canada and the United States, a men's size 6 shoe is equivalent to a women's size 7.5. ... United Kingdom, Australia and Europe use a number scale to size shoes, but other countries use centimeters for sizing shoes. These are the conversions for an American men's size 6 shoe: United ...


A size 39 shoe on the European size scale is equivalent to a men's 6 or 6.5 in U.S. sizes. A size 39 is also equivalent to a women's size 8, 8.5 or 9. The different measurement increments used in the two systems prevent a direct conversion of the European size to the U.S. size.


A men's size 7 is roughly equivalent to a women's size 8.5; Widths remain the same during conversion: if you wear a women's D width, you will also wear a men's D width ... Women who wear a women’s size 6.0 or less may be able to wear our kid's shoes How to Convert Your Women's Shoe Size to a Kid's Shoe Size.


I’m assuming this is for a US size? If so, size 8.5 is very close to the average. Even for a height of 6 foot. The most common shoe size for men is the US is US9. While these numbers are from a large data set, they are taken from the shoe sales in...


Zappos.com — Measure Your Shoe Size Because the foot is three-dimensional, any two-dimensional measuring tool, such as a ruler or Brannok device®, can only approximate your true shoe size. Please also keep in mind the manufacturers use different lasts to construct their shoes, and sizing may vary accordingly.


Find the men's shoe size on the inner or outer sole or the inside of the tongue of the shoe. Add 1.5 to the men's shoe size. If the men's shoe is a size 6, the women's version would be a size 7.5. Try on the shoe to confirm the sizing, as some brands run smaller or larger than others.


6 1/2 Mens. I'm assuming you live in the U.S or Canada. If you don't live there, there is a link to a chart. The chart lists major countries shoe size measurements.


I agree with PP - usually a 39, but it really depends on the shoe. I'm a 41, which is often described as an 8, but a British 8 is definitely too big for me; I need a 7.5 if it's a British made shoe. An 8 is a 42, but when my daughter was a size 42 the sales assistants used to say, "Oooh, we don't go up to a 9." A 42 is not a bloody 9!


I once thought it would be bigger but a women's shoe size of 8 would make the mans shoe size only 6 ... You'd wear the same size, girls and womans shoes are the same unless you mean kids sizes for ...