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Tipping at funerals is a normal custom. It is not necessary to tip the funeral director or any of the staff at the funeral home, but tipping is customary for many of the other service providers. Musicians or singers performing at the funeral should be tipped $50 to $75 each. A limousine driver is tipped 15 percent of the total fare, but it is ...


In many churches the organist, band, choir and handbell choir are not paid. If they play the music for a funeral, it is good etiquette to offer them a tip for their additional services since they make an extra time commitment to be present. In most cases, $50 to $75 for each musician is customary.


Funeral Tipping Etiquette February 22nd, 2016. Funeral Tipping Etiquette. We know to tip at least 15 percent when we dine out at a restaurant, and that it is polite to leave our change in the jar for the barista. But when it comes to planning a funeral, is there an expected gratuity?


If you have asked your pastor to help with the funeral of a loved one, he may give you a checklist that includes a standard fee for her services.. More often, however, the pastor will not formally charge a fee. Instead, it is considered customary to offer the pastor a tip, or honorarium, shortly before or after the service.


I think the etiquette is to give the funeral director a tip "for the staff" and "for the gravedigger" if there has been a burial. Generally people have it ready in an envelope and just give it to the director who shares it out appropriately.


Funeral Honorarium/Funeral Tipping. By Karen Zinn. An honorarium is traditionally given to people who have performed a service without charging a fee. It is a token of appreciation and therefore has no set price associated with it. Some people who might receive an honorarium for their services at a funeral would be the clergy, choir, organist ...


the day i tip someone for doing their job they are paid to do will be when i start getting tips for doing the job i am paid to do. the whole tip thing (for any job) just doesn't work for me. i don't see why anyone should get a tip (or rather be given money) for something that they have been paid to do in the first place.


If possible, assign a trusted friend the job of handing the honorarium to the pastor, or ask the funeral director to do so. Some pastors feel very strongly that they should not accept any fees or honoraria for presiding at funerals, believing that their salaries cover these very services.


Funerals today are of course expensive, but this is not something that is the fault of the grave digger. It is only good manners to tip the grave digger, and ususally they will be the ones that are looking after the grounds in the cemetary keeping it nice for when you come to visit.


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