Online Yard Sale is an Internet marketplace where individuals can buy and sell a wide variety of goods. The site also allows users to post listings for yard and garage sales being held at their homes along with a list of... More » Technology Internet & Networking

List a yard sale online at or Sign up for a free account to get started, and then place a free ad by following the site's step-by-step process. More »

A yard sale hosted online utilizes a social media platform such as Facebook. After the seller uploads pictures of the items for sale, individuals browse, comment and ask questions regarding posted items. Once an agreemen... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Some websites that offer free online posting of yard or garage sale ads are Yard Sale Search, Garage Sales and Yard Sales. At the Yard Sale Search site, free ad posting is available by first signing up for a free account... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Online flash sale prices are often heavily discounted, and the cost of buying goods during these flash sales typically is less than the cost of buying them in outlet stores. In most cases, brands have online flash sales ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Sports retailer Scheels offers a variety of sales and promotions on its website, such as discounted shipping with a minimum purchase or fractional discounts on specific goods. The online sales and discounts change freque... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Goodwill provides free pick-up of any goods, except for corporate business donations or donations from yard sales. However, the free pick-up service does require an eight item minimum. For corporate donations or remainde... More » Business & Finance