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This polluted rain water is obviously dangerous for your hair. After a few heavy showers, it is safe to expose your hair to rain water. Soft Water Technically, rain water is the purest form of soft water. So if you have hair problems, then the safest water for your hair is rain water. Most monsoon hair care tips forbid you to get wet in first ...


Is rain water good or bad for your hair? How does rain water affect hair? What should we do if our hair gets wet in the rain? Is rain water good or bad for your hair? It’s a lot trickier than that. Rain water is thought to be the purest of soft water sources.


Rainwater is good for washing your hair because it is a soft water that is neutral in pH, free from disinfection by-products, salts, minerals and other unnatural materials. Tap water, which is harder in comparison, does not wash hair as well because it makes lathering and rinsing more difficult.


HowTo: Use Rain Water for your Hair!! Click on this Link to get more info on rain water also. http://www.rainharvester.com/rainwater_faq.html ***I would also...


Rain water is supposedly considered “soft water” which is great for your hair considering it doesn’t dry out your hair like hard water (tap water). It also is said to help cleanse your hair better. Rainwater does still have chemicals in it, but it doesn’t contain as harsh of chemicals that are found in hard water.


I live in the city so my rain water would most likely turn my hair green But yes, my grandmother always used it and loved it. There are some members here who use it too. Rainwater is WAY softer than regular tap water. Meaning, its good for your hair.


When I was a young girl, my mom had a big barrel that she used, to collect rain water. She'd fill some pitchers with the rain water & rinse my hair with it after shampooing it. Back then, it was supposed to be good for the hair. I stick to tap water now.


Best Answer: Rain is not good for hair, clean water is better because the water in rain is very dirty. And after you go in the rain and if you smell your hair it will smell kinda bad. Rain can also cause your hair to become frizzy. So Rain is not good for your hair. Have a great day =]


Rain water perfects the hair the more you use it, making your hair soft, shiny, and defines your curls. Rain water is considered to be soft water, which when compared to tap and other chemically infested water, rain is most definitely all natural, not to mention, FREE! It does not cost you a dime to simply collect rain water on those rainy days.


Rain water is the purest form of soft water, that is, water that is not alkaline. In that case, boiling the water from the rains and then bathing in it might be good for your skin. Soft water is becoming increasingly rare these days so in that respect your skin does benefit from rains.