Quicksand is real, but contrary to certain myths, quicksand is not prevalent in deserts. Quicksand can be found in damp areas such as lakes and beaches. The difference between quicksand and regular sand is the amount of ... More »

Dragons are common in the myths and legends of many countries, but there is no scientific evidence that any such creatures ever existed. A species of very large lizard in Indonesia called the Komodo dragon can grow to 10... More »

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After a landfill reaches its capacity, the top of it is typically covered with multiple layers of material to prevent people from accessing the waste it contains. The operator ensures that draining systems continue to wo... More »

According to HGTV, it takes at least 500 years to make just 1 inch of topsoil, and there are more living organisms in just 1 tablespoon of soil than there are people living on the planet. Some of the soil on Earth is sta... More »

Mature soil has gone through the natural soil formation process. It has clearly developed genetic horizons and become stabilized to be in equilibrium with its environment. More »

Blue clay soil is a type of expansive soil characterized by its bluish-purple color and high absorptive property. This enables the soil to soak up water in large quantities, which results in an increase in the soil's vol... More »

A sieve analysis procedure is a test used to determine the different grain and particle size distribution of a given material. Various sized sieves are used, normally starting at 80 mm, to pass the aggregate through to d... More »

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