According to Medical Daily, pickle juice is healthy and can be used to treat a variety of issues, including heartburn and muscle cramps. Medical Daily notes that pickle juice can also help rebuild electrolytes following ... More »

Pickle juice may help lessen muscle cramps in athletes, according to Picklelicious. The juice includes salt, vinegar, water and calcium chloride. It may help replace salt and other electrolytes lost when athletes sweat d... More »

Drinking pickle juice provides multiple health benefits and also acts as a remedy for some common ailments. According to Medical Daily, pickle juice replenishes depleted sodium levels and rebuilds electrolytes, making it... More »

According to Bon Appetit, it is completely safe to drink pickle juice. The online magazine recommends drinking the juice as one way to deal with the liquid left over in a jar after all the pickles have been eaten. More » Food Food Facts

While there is no support for the notion that pickle juice cleans out the system, it has provided relief from hangover, heartburn, premenstrual syndrome and the dip in electrolytes after a workout, according to Medical D... More »

To make a pickle glow, insert a thick copper wire into each end of the pickle. Cut a power cord, and strip the insulation off the wires at the end. Cut the live wire about 6 inches shorter than the ground wire, then wrap... More » Food Food Facts

Although the total calorie count will vary depending on the size of the pickle, a typical 4 inch long pickle contains 16 calories. Of those 16 calories, two are from fat. More »