Pickles are used for food, beverages and beauty tonics, and pickle juice has many great health benefits, according to Medical Daily. Pickle juice can be used to help reduce heartburn, remedy premenstrual syndrome, treat ... More »

Pickle juice cravings may stem from too much salt being excreted from the body, triggering an increase in salt intake. Pickle juice is also a common food craving during pregnancy. More »

Research shows that ingestion of moderate amounts of pickle juice has no discernible positive or negative effect on the body. There is no scientific evidence that pickle juice can clean out your body, but research also s... More »

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While there is no support for the notion that pickle juice cleans out the system, it has provided relief from hangover, heartburn, premenstrual syndrome and the dip in electrolytes after a workout, according to Medical D... More »

Individuals who have pancreas issues should avoid uncooked vegetables, berries, prune juice, other high-fiber foods and alcoholic beverages, according to Everyday Health. Chronic pancreatitis patients should also avoid a... More »

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A good meal plan for diabetics with kidney disease should include high-quality protein foods, vegetables, carbohydrates and beverages, according to Davita. It is important for the patient to practice portion control and ... More »

To increase bone strength, health experts recommend consuming foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D. Some examples include dairy products, sardines, eggs and fortified foods, such as orange juice with calcium and ... More »

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