NaCl is an ionic compound. As an ionic compound, it possesses a crystal-lattice structure with countless ions of opposite charge that are electrically bound to each other. Ionic bonding consists of one elemental ion dona... More »

The Stock system name for the ionic compound NaCL is sodium chloride. Stock nomenclature for inorganic compounds is a system used for naming compounds that contain a multivalent metal, a metal capable of forming more tha... More »

NaCl is the molecular formula of sodium chloride, or common salt. It is an ionic compound with a three-dimensional lattice network of Na+ ions and Cl- ions. Ionic bonds are formed by the force of attraction between oppos... More »

Sodium chloride, or NaCl, is an ionic compound with a three-dimensional lattice structure. The sodium ions are positive while the chloride ions are negative. They are attracted by electrostatic nuclear forces, whcih caus... More »

Sucrose is a covalent compound. Whether a compound is ionic or covalent depends on the relative attraction the compound's atoms have for electrons. Sucrose is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, all of which have si... More »

In a molecule of sodium chloride, which has the chemical formula NaCl, there are two atoms: one atom each of sodium and chloride. Sodium chloride is an ionic compound formed by the reaction of the metal sodium and the no... More »

Pb(NO3)2 + 2 NaCl -- PbCl2 + 2 NaNO3. In this chemical equation, one molecule of lead(II) chloride and two molecules of sodium nitrate form when sodium chloride is added to an aqueous solution of lead nitrate. More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules