The form used to determine estimated taxes is the 1040-ES. This form is available at Internal Revenue Service offices and on the IRS website. More » Business & Finance Taxes

Estimated tax payments for most business owners are due on April 15, June 15, September 15 and January 15 of the following year. Individuals who don't file estimated taxes can face penalties if they owe more than $1,000 ... More » Business & Finance Taxes

To file an estimated quarterly tax return, a taxpayer needs to know his expected income, deductions and credits for the year and submit Internal Revenue Service Form 1040-ES on the four deadline dates the IRS has establi... More » Business & Finance Taxes
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IRS Form 941 is the form used by employers when reporting income taxes, Social Security taxes or Medicare taxes withheld from employees income, says the IRS. Employers who withhold those taxes, and those who pay the empl... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Those filing taxes single or jointly who have no dependents, don't claim any income adjustments and claim no tax credits other than EIC may qualify to file the 1040-EZ form, according to the IRS. Other requirements inclu... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Truckers who operate a heavy highway vehicle weighing more than 55,000 pounds use Internal Revenue Service form 2290 to pay taxes on the vehicle. The reporting period for form 2290 is July 1 through June 30, according to... More » Business & Finance Taxes

While the primary form used to file income taxes, Form 1040, is due on April 15 every year, other due dates apply to other forms of taxes, according to the IRS. Those who must pay estimated taxes typically pay them by th... More » Business & Finance Taxes