Taxpayers can find the IRS tax payment mailing addresses directly on the IRS website, according to There are several addresses, including addresses to send in estimated tax payments and addresses if the taxpay... More »

Taxpayers fill out quarterly Internal Revenue Service Form 1040-ES estimated tax vouchers with their name, address, Social Security number and the amount of the payment they enclose, reports To calculate the a... More »

To make quarterly tax payments to the IRS online, use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, reports Forbes. Alternatively, pay by phone or by mail, states the IRS. Estimate the amount of your payments using Form 104... More »

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You can find the mailing address for 1040A forms on the official website of the Internal Revenue Service, by searching the "Where to File Addresses" option, says the IRS. The addresses are broken down by state and whethe... More »

The address used to send the IRS Form 940 entirely depends on where the employer is located and whether a payment is included with the return, and the IRS lists the various addresses on its website. If the employer isn't... More »

The general mailing address for IRS Form 941 is the Internal Revenue Service, P.O. Box 409101, Ogden, UT 84409, according to the Internal Revenue Service. For specific addresses, individuals mailing from most states east... More »

You can find the mailing addresses for IRS tax payment centers at the official website of the Internal Revenue Service,, by using the Filing option, notes the IRS. Choose Find a Mailing Address for Paper Returns ... More »