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Signs of iron deficiency include fatigue, pale skin, restless leg syndrome, brittle hands and fast heartbeat. Other signs include dizziness, frequent infections, headaches, and cravings for nonfood items such as dirt and ice, according to Mayo Clinic.


Lack of sufficient dietary elements such as proteins, vitamins and nutrient minerals causes various deficiency diseases, according to Healthline. Examples of deficiency diseases along with the respective nutrients whose lack results in the conditions include: beriberi (vitamin B1), kwashiorkor (prot


According to Healthy Place, a persistent deficiency of water can cause depression; chronic fatigue syndrome; insulin-dependent diabetes; lupus; multiple sclerosis; muscular dystrophy; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's disease; Parkinson's disease; and Alzheimer's


Causes of iron deficiency anemia include blood loss, lack of iron absorption ability by the small intestines and pregnancy, according to Mayo Clinic. Eating a low-iron diet may also cause iron deficiency anemia.


Common symptoms associated with moderate to severe iron-deficiency anemia include dizziness, fatigue, cold hands and feet, brittle nails, and a tingling feeling in the legs, states Healthline. Additional symptoms of the condition include shortness of breath, weakness, pale skin, unusual cravings to


According to the World Heath Organization, iron deficiency anemia contributes to many deaths, especially in developing countries. Twenty percent of maternal deaths have anemia as a contributing factor. It is the most prevalent nutritional deficiency worldwide, playing a major role in poor health and


Treatment for severe iron-deficient anemia requires medical professionals to perform a blood transfusion to correct the condition quickly, explains WebMD. Patients are treated with iron supplement pills and advised to eat a iron-rich diet.


According to Encyclopedia Britannica, there are no known diseases caused by carbohydrate deficiency. The human body has no dietary requirement for carbohydrates. If fewer than 50 to 100 grams of carbohydrates are consumed daily, the body begins to convert protein and fat into glucose, a process call


Common causes of vitamin B-12 deficiency include atrophic gastritis, pernicious anemia and surgery on the stomach or intestines, according to WebMD. Other causes of vitamin B-12 deficiency include Crohn's disease, heavy drinking, long-term use of acid-reducing drugs and immune system disorders.


While foods do not cause high iron-blood diseases, certain foods such as raw shellfish and alcohol worsen the symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic. Tea, on the other hand, can help in preventing the body from storing too much iron.