According to IMDb user votes, "A Separation," "The Lizard" and "About Elly" are voted among the best Iranian movies. On a one to 10 voting scale, the films were rated an 8.4 by 138,780 users, 8.6 by 5,092 users and an 8.... More » Art & Literature

You can watch Iranian movies online through sites such as Persianterest, IMVBox and Iranian Live TV, as of 2015. These sites have top Persian movies, recent releases and TV shows, in addition to documentary features. IMV... More » Art & Literature

As of 2015, recent favorably rated Iranian television series include "Sakhteman Pezeshkan" (2011), "Mokhtarnameh" (2010), "Zero Degree Turn" (2007), "Shabhaye Barareh" (2005), "Ghahveye Talkh" (2010), "Dar Cheshm-e Baad"... More » Art & Literature
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As of March 2015, six of the top Iranian directors are protesting in favor of a deal that would lift sanctions on Iran in exchange for Iran's promise to never build nuclear weapons. These six directors are Abbas Kiarosta... More » Art & Literature

Websites such as, local newspapers and movie theaters list the movies playing locally as well as show times. also typically posts listings of the movies playing across the country. Customers can... More » Art & Literature

The most popular movie of 2014 by worldwide gross was "Transformers: Age of Extinction," the fourth entry in Michael Bay's Transformer series. It grossed $1.1 billion. Some other popular movies of 2014 include "Maleficen... More » Art & Literature

Sony's Crackle and Hulu's streaming service are two websites where ad-supported movies are hosted for free and are available even to users without profiles or registration. Hulu also features a broad variety of televisio... More » Art & Literature