The process for resetting an iPod Nano varies depending upon the version of the Nano being reset. To reset the most current iPod Nano (7th generation) as of 2014, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button ... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Common problems with the iPod Nano include failure to turn on and off, production of distorted audio and display of the "Use iTunes to restore" message. Other problems include appearance of the folder icon during startup... More »

Putting a video on an iPod Nano requires users to have access to their iTunes accounts on their computers. You may download a video in iTunes, then sync it to your iPod Nano to watch. More »

Connect the iPod to your computer, and restore your device using the Restore option in iTunes. You need to install the latest iPod and iTunes software versions to begin. More » Technology Audio Equipment

An iPod is an Apple product developed in 2001 as a portable music player using music downloaded from iTunes, Apple's music downloading platform. It features a sleek design with a wheel-like interface allowing users to ac... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Music files on a CD can be loaded onto an iPod by copying the files to iTunes and then synchronizing the iPod with iTunes. This will automatically copy the files to the iPod. More » Technology Audio Equipment

While the specifics of resetting an iPod depend on its model and generation, the iPod touch and the 7th generation iPod nano can be reset the same way. Simultaneously hold the Power and Home buttons until the screen goes... More » Technology Audio Equipment