The iPhone 5C has been positively reviewed by well-known sources, including TechRadar, Trusted Reviews, and c|net. All three of these reviews rate the iPhone 5C an 8/10 or 4/5 stars. More » Technology Mobile

The iOS App Store includes reviews of applications by users. On an iPhone, open the App Store, select Charts, then choose Free. The applications listed are the current top ranked free iPhone apps. Select any app and scro... More » Technology Mobile

Browse and download free iPhone apps through iTunes on a computer or the App Store on any iPhone, iPad or iPod. A wide variety of free apps are available, and users can download programs directly to the device of their c... More » Technology Mobile
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On Engadget, Amazon, Trusted Reviews and CNET, Huawei cell phones typically receive positive reviews with average or above average ratings. User's often report that Huawei cell phones sport a large number of features for... More » Technology Mobile

As of June 2015, it is not illegal to jailbreak an iPhone in the United States, explains Cult of Mac. However, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act it is illegal to jailbreak an iPad. More » Technology Mobile

As of 2015, to get the newest iPhone for free, sign up with a carrier's monthly plan or trade your older iPhone device to use some of the value towards purchasing a new iPhone. The exact method for obtaining the newest i... More » Technology Mobile

Only a phone carrier can unlock an iPhone, and they all differ on their requirements for eligibility to unlock the phone. Once a phone is unlocked, it is free to use on another carrier or as a contract-free phone. More » Technology Mobile