The iPhone 5c and 5s both take high-quality pictures with an 8-megapixel camera. In addition to the standard camera located on the back of the phone, both iPhone 5 models have a front-facing camera, which is useful for s... More » Technology Mobile

Enable MMS options on your iPhone 4 to allow the phone to send photos with text messages. After enabling MMS, open a new message, upload a photo to it and send the message. More »

An easy way of deleting multiple contacts on an iPhone is to use iCloud. The changes made to iCloud automatically reflect on any synchronized device. More » Technology Mobile

Apple iPhone 5c specifications include an A6 chip, Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS connection, 4G connection speed, retina display, an 8-megapixel camera and 1080p video recording. It also includes options such as a choice of in... More » Technology Mobile

Sell your broken iPhone to an online service such as Glyde. List your iPhone on the site, then wait for Glyde to send a shipping kit. Once Glyde receives your shipment, it deposits the money in your account. More »

There are two types of resets for the iPhone 5c. To enable a restart or soft reset, hold the power button, and slide the power switch to the right when it appears. To initiate a factory reset, go to Settings, choose Rese... More » Technology Mobile

You must contact your carrier to unlock an iPhone. Phones are only eligible for unlocking after the contract period is over. An unlocked phone works with any carrier you choose, while a locked phone only works with the c... More » Technology Mobile