The iPhone 4 is equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi and a digital compass. It features two cameras and a sensor that detects angular acceleration around three axes. More » Technology Mobile

New iPhone 4s are available for purchase on Amazon and Best Buy. Both retailers offer a variety of models with different service provider compatibilities. Users can also buy an unlocked iPhone 4 to work on any compatible... More » Technology Mobile

The major considerations when pricing an iPhone 4 are the condition of the phone and the memory size. The phone's network affiliation can also affect its price. More » Technology Mobile

A person can track a missing iPhone 4 through iCloud and the "Where's My iPhone" app. It is important to remember that iOS 7 must be installed on the phone and the iPhone activation lock must be turned on through the app... More » Technology Mobile

The iPhone 4 model, which is manufactured by Apple, Inc., can be jailbroken by using paid-for software, such as iJailbreak Pro. Jailbreaking pertains to the method of removing hardware and firmware restrictions on the iO... More » Technology Mobile

Because you cannot use FaceTime on an iPhone 4 over a cellular network, you must connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network before FaceTime can work. Newer versions of the iPhone allow users to connect to FaceTime over cellu... More » Technology Mobile

An iPhone 4 can be unlocked to work on another carrier. The current wireless carrier will need to provide the unlocking service. More » Technology Mobile