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Feb 15, 2018 ... Starting in April, developers submitting new titles to the iOS App Store will have no choice but to use the iOS 11 SDK — and if they're ...


Apple iPhone X - iOS 14 - Device Guides.


1284 x 2778 px. 2778 x 1284 px. 428 x 926 points. 926 x 428 points. iPhone 6.5-inch. iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max. 1242 x 2688 px. 2688 x 1242 px.


Sep 21, 2021 ... While Apple is updating iPhones as far back as iPhone 6s, the company might not be able to release some of the new iOS 15 features for the ...


How will location data companies like X-Mode respond? ... As with every major update to Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 14 introduces a number of new ...


Aug 11, 2021 ... 1 is a point upgrade and it brings an important security patch to the iPhone X and other iOS 14-powered iPhones. It doesn't have any known bug ...


Sep 17, 2018 ... First up, iOS 12 brings a noticeable speed boost. Apps load more quickly, the Camera app opens faster, etc. iOS 12 generally makes my iPhone X ...


Designing for iPhone X. Guidelines to designing for iOS 11. icon. Learn iOS 11 Design. 1. Learn iOS 11 Design. 19:45 · 2. Designing for iPhone X.


Use X-Mirage to mirror your iOS devices to your Mac. Enjoy everything on a larger screen.


iPhone X was the best product Apple ever made. ... (Combined with iOS 12's swipe-up-to-retry, I can't even remember the last time it failed ...


Sep 12, 2018 ... You can think of the XS as the updated iPhone X, the Max as the new Plus and the XR as a revival of the great-for-kids budget iPhone SE.