The criteria by which investment companies are rated are leverage, liquidity, cash flow coverage of fixed costs and historical investment performance. They are also rated on the management expertise, "key man" risk, dive... More »

Some good investment companies, according to Brokerage Review, are Options House, Scottrade and Trade King. As of 2015, each of these firms have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Brokerage Review website. More »

Many companies offer dividend reinvestment programs (DRIPs), including Dow Jones Industrial Average components Boeing, DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, 3M and Travelers, according to Forbes Magazine. These companies offer trad... More »

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According to AllBusiness, asset liquidity refers to how easily an asset can be exchanged for cash with limited effort or loss. Examples of nonliquid, also known as fixed assets, include real estate, antiques, furniture a... More »

The Standard & Poor's 500 chart measures the performance of 500 stocks chosen in regard to various characteristics, including performance and liquidity, and is considered a leading indicator of assets in the United State... More »

Different criteria determine what makes a worthy mutual fund, and the U.S. News Money website lists notable mutual funds available for investment. This website provides information about fund year-to-date performance as ... More »

An individual retirement account (IRA) is not commonly considered a liquid asset as there are penalties and taxes involved with converting the investment account into cash. A liquid asset is defined as something of worth... More »