Intraocular pressure refers to the tissue pressure within the human eye and is typically caused by the continual drainage and production of aqueous humors, states MedicineNet. The eye pressure is usually shown as millime... More » Health Vision

Eye pressure occurs when the eye does not produce and drain fluid properly, according to WebMD. The eye contains channels that drain fluid, and when those channels malfunction, the eye continues to produce fluid, resulti... More » Health Vision

Normal eye pressure is between 12 and 22 millimeters of mercury, state the Glaucoma Research Foundation. The method of measuring eye pressure is called tonometry and is done with a device called a tonometer. More » Health Vision
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Some causes of eye pressure elevation are an eye injury, side effects of certain medications, different eye problems and when the production and drainage of the aqueous humor is not balanced, as noted by All About Vision... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Lens implants are prosthetic devices embedded in the human eye following surgical removal of the eye's natural lens due to the presence of cataracts. Generally referred to as intraocular lenses, or IOLs, these synthetic ... More » Health Vision

A human eye color chart helps determine eye color. It was once used to calculate the odds of babies having certain eye colors based on the eye colors of their parents and grandparents. More » Health Vision

Natural factors that can cause eye pressure include an overproduction of aqueous, eye injuries, slow aqueous drainage and medications containing steroids. A person's ethnicity, age and family medical history are also con... More » Health Vision