articles provides an Interstate Road Conditions page that provides specific resources with up-to-date road conditions for each individual state. Information includes weather travel reports, road closures, constru... More » Geography

Tolls are collected on I-80 to repair and maintain the highway without raising taxes. Revenue from tolling stations also repays the bondholders that funded the original construction of the highway. More » Geography

In the United States, highway toll rates generally vary by state. For example, the average cost per mile on the Interstate 94 Chicago Skyway in Illinois is $0.51 while on the I-95 Express in Florida is only $0.13, as of ... More » Geography
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Live highway traffic cameras are used to monitor traffic flow and road conditions and to enable first responders to get to traffic accidents more quickly. Law enforcement agencies may use them to track suspects, and thei... More » Geography

Interstate 80 is a 2,900-mile transcontinental highway that has many rest stops throughout the country in states such as New Jersey, Indiana, Nebraska, Nevada and California. Most, but not all, of the rest stops on Inter... More » Geography

Highway toll prices are determined by different agencies in every state, and some states have several different agencies that control the highway toll prices. For example, several different state, county and regional age... More » Geography

The frequency that an Ohio state highway map is updated varies depending on its medium. Paper forms of maps for Ohio are typically updated and released annually to reflect changes made to roads. Conversely, map software ... More » Geography