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Homeschool Connections is a Catholic organization that offers live and recorded online classes for homeschoolers in middle and high school. Parents can choose to use courses from the organization for all classes for the student's grade level, or they can select a few to...


Disadvantages of homeschooling include the time it takes, the costs of quality education materials, the lack of socialization opportunities, the lack of proper educational facilities and the fact that parents may not have the patience to properly teach children. There's...


Follow local homeschooling laws, set up a work area, choose the curriculum and set up record-keeping methods to start homeschooling. Connecting with other homeschooling families or joining a support group provides a support system as you start homeschooling.


Parents can start homeschooling their children by figuring out the legalities, deciding on an approach and tapping into their local homeschool community. They should be patient and open to experimenting with various philosophies of education.


There are a variety of online websites and resources for free online homeschool curricula. These include Kahn Academy, LessonPathways, MIT and CK-12. They have lessons and curricula for students of all ages and home educators of all experience levels.


Online learning offers the ability for children to access webinars, seminars, teachers, educational activities and testing while being homeschooled. Parents may also use online learning as a way to find new teaching materials and techniques.


The homeschool population is growing at a rate of 2 to 8 percent per annum, with 2.2 million students being educated at home, as of 2015. Roughly 15 percent of homeschool families are non-white.