When traveling on an international flight, each passenger must carry a valid passport and comply with the airline's boarding-gate arrival requirements. Airlines may also have rules for proof of onward travel, checked bag... More » Geography

As of March 2015, international flights at JFK International Airport arrive in terminals one, four, five, seven and eight. Terminal five has international flight arrivals for Aer Lingus only, while the other terminals ha... More » Geography

There are many options for flying internationally to and from the United States, but the three largest airline alliances that reach around the globe are Star Alliance, SkyTeam and OneWorld, as of 2015. The airlines of St... More » Geography
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International flight rules typically always allow carry-on luggage, but each airline has its own rules when it comes to specifications of the sizing. Most airlines allow two checked bags weighing between 50 and 70 lbs. a... More » Geography

TransAsia Airways is an international passenger airline company that focuses primarily on flights to and from Asian locations. In February 2015, the airline suffered its second crash involving fatalities within six month... More » Geography

Use a record locator number to identify flights by entering the number and the passenger's full name into the airline's database and click Search. Record locator numbers, their associated flights and searching methods va... More » Geography

Access the View/Share Itinerary tool on the airline’s website and enter the passenger's name and flight confirmation number to check a Southwest Airlines flight. Alternately, provide the credit card number of the card us... More » Geography