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The number to call for an international directory assistance service varies depending on where the request is based. In the U.S. and Canada, the number to dial for international directory assistance is 0; the caller can then dial 0 again to choose "operator assistance."


The phone number for International Directory Assistance is 1-800-225-5288. Wait for the prompts and listen to the recording. During the recording, dial 21. Next, listen to the prompts and press 0. Then when you’re asked, tell them you need International Directory Assistance.


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As soon as an operator answers the call, ask the operator to direct the call to the International Directory Assistance. Using the Toll Free Number Another effective method of calling or reaching the International Directory Assistance is by using a particular toll free number. To use this method, dial the number 1-800-225-5288 on the phone.


Reverse phone number lookups: Get more info about that mystery number on your caller ID, including the name, address, and ZIP Code. Looking up cell phone numbers For privacy reasons, our directory of U.S. cell phone numbers is limited to customers who request that their info be made available through directory assistance.


International Directory. At this time, Phonebooks.com only offers information on North American phone numbers. We do offer a directory containing information that may be helpful when calling many countries, such as, their dialing information, a list of local telephone directories and more.


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For example, to reach an international operator in the United Kingdom, one would press 155, but this would only be valid for calls within the U.K. The access number to place international calls remains the same for every country, and that number is 011. To place an international call, one would need that code as well as the country's code.


I miss the old pick up phone and dial operator for directory assistance. Now all the internet sites are trying to sign you up for monthly contracts to sell you address, phone, police records, court cases and other private information that I don’t care to know. All I want is a freaking phone number of a lost relative.