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A clad window is where aluminum or vinyl sheeting is fitted over the exterior wood trim of a window. This helps peeling paint become less noticeable, reduces the effects of aging and makes it harder for water to penetrate the home.


The advantages of vinyl-clad windows include durability, little need for maintenance and high insulation. The advantages of all-vinyl windows include little need for maintenance and high return on investment. Both types can be difficult to paint and the vinyl can become discolored, but vinyl-clad an


A clad coin is one formed from layers of more than one metal. U. S. half-dollars, quarters and dimes have all been clad since 1965.


Tips for framing interior walls include maintaining proper spacing between studs, conserving space by using two-by-four studs and plates, using lighter headers over doors and making adjustments for adjacent walls that are not plumb. While the interior walls you add after the construction of a home a


The type of paint that is best for interior walls depends on the size of the room, the preferred finish and the colors being used. Consider the size of the room first, since lighter colors work best in smaller rooms.


According to Radioshack, the difference between metal clad cables and armored cables is that armored cables are used for higher electrical draw installations, while metal clad cables are used for lower current loads. They differ in wire gauge, resistance, grounding, installation and limitations.


Consumers can purchase good interior wall paint in various colors at Home Depot and Lowe's, as well as on the Benjamin Moore and Behr websites, as of 2015. Home Depot and Lowe's stores usually display interior wall paint swatch cards, while BenjaminMoore.com and Behr.com feature online paint browsin


It is possible for a modern coin to be missing the clad, or nickel, layer from both sides, but it is uncommon. In this case, the copper portion, which makes up 90 percent of a coin, is exposed. Usually, coins missing clad layers are identified before leaving the mint.


The particular method for cleaning interior concrete walls depends on whether the walls are being primed for painting, old paint is being removed or mold is an issue. Concrete is porous, so it retains moisture, and this can affect the integrity of paint that is applied following a cleaning.


Different types of interior wood panels include stone panels, fiberglass panels, raised panels, bead board and flat panels. These products come in a variety of finishes or colors.