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Facts About Annelids. September 17, 2015, cherran, Leave a comment. Annelids are the segmented worms like earthworms, ragworms and others that we see practically everywhere.


Annelida (ənĕl´Ĭdə) [Lat., anellus=a ring], phylum of soft-bodied, bilaterally symmetrical (see symmetry, biological), segmented animals, known as the segmented, or annelid, worms.Over 12,000 known species are grouped in three classes: the earthworms and freshwater worms (oligochaetes), the leeches (hirudineans), and the marine worms (polychaetes).


Annelid worms have a nervous system. The brain forms a ring round the pharynx (throat), consisting of a pair of ganglia (local control centers) above and in front of the pharynx, linked by nerve cords either side of the pharynx to another pair of ganglia just below and behind it.


Interesting & Fun Facts About Earthworms Decayed plants and animals are the primary source of food for earthworms. An earthworm never dies when cut it into two halves.


Annelid Facts 9: skeleton. Annelid is a unique animal. You will find no legs or even hard skeleton on the body. Annelid Facts 10: types of annelids. There are three types of annelid that you can find out. Those include polychaetes, leeches and earthworms.


There is an estimated number of 9,000 different Annelid species! Annelids can range from a size of 1 millimeter to over 3 meters long! Some Annelids are hermaphrodites and have both male and female sex organs!


The annelids, collectively called Annelida (from Latin anellus "little ring"), are a large phylum of animals, comprising the segmented worms, with about 15,000 modern species including the well-known earthworms and leeches.


10 facts on Annelid Worms 1. ... A Unique Species: The Earthworm The earthworm is to us the most interesting of the Annelid worms. Adult Annelid worms range anywhere from 1/2 inch to 22 ft in length. Most earthworms are red brown or even pink. ... (Teacher: Lorraine O'Shea) using Web Poster Wizard. ...


10 Interesting Facts About Earthworms Laura Beans. Mar. 08, 2014 10:45AM EST. Shutterstock. As winter draws to a close, gardeners begin their spring migration into the outdoors, leaving winter dens behind and coming into contact with the harbingers of the shifting seasons: shovels, hoes and trowels. Oh, and earthworms.


An introduction to the biology, classification and ecology of Earthworms, Ragworms and Leeches the phylum Annelida. The Phylum Annelida. Etymology:-From the Latin Annellus a little ring. ... classification of the Annelida is under revision by experts and the current beliefs of scientists are only theories not facts, different schemes may be put ...