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The spotted cuscus is a large species of possum found in Australasia. In this AnimalSake article, we will cover some interesting facts that will help you know more about this unique marsupial.


Interesting Cuscus Facts: Cuscus is an animal of medium size. It can reach 14 to 26 inches in length and weigh between 3.3 and 13 pounds. It has 13 to 24 inches long tail. Cuscus is covered with thick, wooly fur that can be black, brown, white, tan or grey in color. Fur can be covered with spots. Color of the fur is changing with age.


facts, great facts, interesting facts. Common spotted cuscus Common spotted cuscus Cuscus also called phalanger or possum is any of several tree-dwelling nocturnal marsupials native to the East Indies, northeastern Australia, and adjacent islands. Cuscuses are about the size of large cats, ranging from 35 to 45 inches in length, including the tail.


The common spotted cuscus is hunted for its meat and pelt in New Guinea, but has very little economical influence. Despite hunting, it is still common in New Guinea and most islands, but it is rarely spotted in Australia, mostly because it is a very shy creature.


Interesting Facts about the Spotted Cuscus. The Spotted Cuscus is a marsupial that lives in New Guinea and Australia. They prefer to stay in tropical rainforests, dense forests, and mangroves at high altitudes. There has been severe habitat loss though and while the population is still large it is declining.


Interesting Facts About the Cuscus. Because of their woolly fur and large eyes, these are endearing animals. When first discovered, it was thought they were related to monkeys, and they were referred to as the “monkey marsupial.” Because of their nocturnal, arboreal lifestyle, there are several interesting facts about cuscus.


The Cuscus (no, not that rice-type stuff, couscous) is a sub-species of the possum. In fact it is the worlds largest possum species. I would like to make it clear that the possum and opossum are two different species. The opossum can be found in North America and is actually the only marsupial found in North America.


Facts About The Common Spotted Cuscus. The Cuscus is a large marsupial native to the Northern forest of Australia and Papua New Guinea, about the size of a house cat with ‘more to love.’. Although it looks somewhat of a mix between a monkey and a sloth, the cuscus is actually a subspecies of the possum.


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Animals / Mammal Facts / Marsupials / Spotted Cuscus - Colorful, Shy Marsupial. Spotted Cuscus - Colorful, Shy Marsupial . The cuscus (related to possoms) has to be one of the more colorful marsupials you will ever see with its gray/brown spots on white or yellowish body fur. The males however are the only ones with spots while the females are ...