Facts about the Cherokee tribe for kids include that most Cherokee sided with the Confederacy during the Civil War, Cherokee men usually only wore a deerskin loincloth and moccasins in warm weather, and the Cherokee were... More »

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The Mohican Indian tribe, originally named the Muh-he-con-neok or the People of the Waters That are Never Still, settled next to rivers. Sometimes known as the River Indians, the Mohicans' location next to waterways allo... More »

The Shawnee originated from the area now known as Ohio. Before the arrival of European colonists, the Shawnee had numbers over 10,000, but conflicts, disease and the War of 1812 reduced their numbers to about 3,500 peopl... More »

Some Cherokee traditions include gathering on ceremonial ground, sacred dances and belief in the afterlife. Numbers play a significant role in Cherokee tradition, especially the numbers four and seven. The natural world ... More »

At some point during the pan-Indian movement of the 1960s and 1970s, dream catchers became a popularly made item among many Native American tribes, including the Cherokee, Navajo and Lakota. They are not, however, tradit... More »

Some Cherokee names for girls and their meanings are as follows; Adsila - blossom, Ama - water, Sequoia - redwood, Immookalee - waterfall, Usdi - baby, Awinita - fawn, Leotie - flower of the prairie, Hialeah - beautiful ... More »

The Cherokee primarily traded skins and furs for the settlers' tools and weapons. Before the settlers arrived, the Cherokee had only hunted animals for their meat, so the trading significantly changed the Cherokee's ever... More »