Before Europeans discovered America, the Cherokee Indians migrated from the Great Lakes region to the southeastern portion of the country, settling in Georgia and the Carolinas primarily. They lived in log cabins, and af... More »

The Shawnee originated from the area now known as Ohio. Before the arrival of European colonists, the Shawnee had numbers over 10,000, but conflicts, disease and the War of 1812 reduced their numbers to about 3,500 peopl... More »

Sam Houston, whose full name is Samuel Houston, ran away from home as an adolescent, had little formal education, was one of five boys in a family with eight children and spent time living with the Cherokee Indians; he e... More »

The Cherokee Indians were originally part of the Iroquois tribe of the Great Lakes region of America, but at some point before the arrival of the Europeans, they were forced to move to the southeast. The Cherokee first c... More »

Cherokee Indians, like other Native Americans, have dark hair, brown skin, and a distinct bone structure. notes a broad and flat face and a narrow nose as prominent characteristics; however, actual ph... More »

Cherokee Indians have facial features similar to those of other American Indians, which include high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes, heavy eyelids, large front teeth, heavy earlobes and bronze skin. However, not all Cher... More »

The Cherokee Indians consumed meat from hunting, such as wild turkeys and deer, as well as grains like corn. Cherokee women did the majority of the farming while the Cherokee men did the majority of the hunting. Together... More »