One of the most interesting facts about the planet Saturn is that the entire planet is surrounded by seven large rings that consist of various particles. Another fact is that Saturn has 53 known moons, and each has a con... More » Science Astronomy Planets

Some interesting facts about water include the fact that it takes hot water less time to freeze than cold water, all conditions being equal. No one knows why this is, but some scientists believe it is an effect of convec... More » Science Environmental Science

Some interesting facts about the constellation Cancer are that it represents a crab and is one of the 12 constellations that are found in the Zodiac. These are constellations that follow the path of the sun around the sk... More » Science Astronomy Constellations
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Although Saturn has seven ring groups, scientists do not know exactly how many rings are around the planet. This is because the ring groups are made up of thousands of smaller rings, according to the Cool Cosmos website ... More » Science Astronomy Planets

From Earth, the planet Saturn looks like a tannish-beige colored sphere famously girdled by rings substantial enough to be seen through a small telescope. Its apparent magnitude of between +1.47 to ?0.24 makes Saturn a f... More » Science Astronomy Planets

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun at a distance of 886 million miles and has a composition of hydrogen and helium. Saturn was first observed through a telescope by Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei. More » Science Astronomy Planets

Because weight is calculated based on gravitational pull, it is impractical to determine the weight of a planet. For example, an object weighing 500 pounds on Earth weighs 465 pounds on Saturn because of the planets' dif... More » Science Astronomy Planets