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Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher and mathematician. He is best known for his contributions to mathematics, particularly the Pythagorean Theorem, and for founding the Pythagorean religion, whose adherents may have contributed some of the mathematical work that is often ascribed to him.


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Read also: 70 Interesting Barack Obama Facts You Should Know The Pythagorean Theory also goes by the names Pythagoras’ Theorem and Pythagoras’ Rule. The theory says that, in a right-angled triangle, “the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides .”


Here are some facts about Pythagoras. Pythagoras was an Ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher. He was born on the Greek island of Samos around 570 BC and died in Greece probably around 495 BC. In 530 BC he moved to Italy and established a religious group known as the Pythagoreans. The group was very secretive […]


Pythagoras directly told people that he was the son of a god and that he had been repeatedly reincarnated until he reached his current form. In a past life, Pythagoras claimed, he was the son of Hermes, who had offered Pythagoras any gift he wanted except for immortality.


Ten fun facts about Pythagoras Fact 1 The Pythagorean theorem, used in geometry, is named after him since he was the first to prove it. Fact 2 It is said he was the first person to suggest that the Earth was round.


Interesting Pythagoras Facts: Not much accurate information is known about Pythagoras, since his life and works weren't recorded until centuries after his death. Like many learned Greek researchers and philosophers, he probably traveled extensively as a young man, leaving his island of Samos for Egypt, Africa, and other parts surrounded by the ...


Here are some interesting facts about the man. Fact 1: Pythagoras was born in 575 B.C on the island of Samos. Fact 2: Pythagoras created a religious sect that believed in the transmigration of the soul. Fact 3: Pythagoras traveled to Ancient Egypt, where he studied with the temple priests.