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There are many interesting facts about the element gold, which is listed on the periodic table as Au.This is the only truly yellow metal on Earth, but there's a lot more to learn about gold.


50 Dazzling Facts about Gold. By Karin Lehnardt, Senior Writer. Published November 23, ... Take a break with our interesting IRS facts to learn little-known history, surprising statistics, controversy, and much more. 44 Interesting Facts about Olympic Games Costs and Finances.


Thats why we want to show some of the fun facts about gold! Here are ten of the top 100 interesting facts about gold that you probably never knew! 10. Gold is used in window glass and astronaut helmets to reflect infrared rays while allowing sunlight to pass through, and at the same time keeping it cool. 9.


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Gold is a wonder element and of course it is a metal. But of all metals, gold is one metal that is not truly indigenous to earth. Isn’t that pretty surprising? Well, today we have an interesting list of 40 gold facts that will make you react — ‘really?’ So, let us together explore some interesting facts about this interesting metal.


50 Facts About Gold You Should Know Gold is arguably history’s most sought-after precious metal – take a look at these 50 interesting facts about gold, and learn more about how to start investing in gold today for a bright future!


Interesting Facts It’s a soft metal. Gold is an extremely soft metal, which means it can be easily manipulated to form other shapes. Plus, the softness of gold means that it is ideal for jewelry since you can easily add other gems and rocks to the gold.


Gold is a highly valued precious metal that has a bright yellow color. It is seen as a symbol of a person’s wealth. This post will tell you some fun and interesting facts about gold that you probably don’t know! Interesting Facts About Gold. As pure gold is very soft, it is often combined with other things when making jewelry.


All the gold that has ever been refined throughout history could be placed in a cube measuring 65.5 feet (20 meters) on a side. More than 90 percent of all gold ever used has been mined since 1848, when gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill, California, sparking the greatest gold rush of all time. Gold nuggets are solid lumps of gold.


Gold is the state mineral of California and Alaska. #-ad_banner_2-#40. 90% of the world's gold mining has been done since the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in California in 1848. 41. During the California gold rush, some speculators paid more for an ounce of water than they received for an ounce of gold. 42.