The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world, and giraffe babies are taller than most humans. Baby giraffes stand within 30 minutes of birth and are capable of running alongside other giraffes after 10 hours of life. N... More »

Though the giraffe's neck contains only seven vertebrae, it measures over 5 feet in length. Special valves are located in the neck to regulate the flow of blood on its long journey from the heart to the brain. The head c... More »

There are less than 200 West African giraffes in the world. West African giraffes can weigh up to 2,800 pounds and measure 16 to 19 feet in height. More »

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The giraffe is a tall mammal with long legs, a spotted coat and an elongated neck. This mammal is the tallest in the world, with male giraffes growing as tall as 18 feet. More »

A giraffe's height is an evolutionary adaptation that allows it to feed from tall trees and other sources of vegetation. The long tongue of the giraffe, which can grow to 21 inches in length, is a similar adaptation desi... More »

The giraffe, or giraffa camelopardalis, is endangered due to habitat loss, the breaking up of habitat areas, the lack of suitability in existing habitats, poaching and new human population growth. Giraffes need to find h... More »

The giraffe is adapted to its habitat by being able to reach high food with its long neck and tall body. This gives it an advantage during times of food scarcity and drought when the only sustenance is up high on trees. More »