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George Washington's illustrious hair may have been totally real, but his teeth certainly weren’t. In fact, Washington had only one real tooth left in his head when he was sworn in as president ...


Interesting facts about George Washington show that he was a natural leader. He never actively sought to be Commander-in-Chief, or President. However, when the circumstances required, and the time was right, he stepped up and took command.


A few fun facts about the first President of the United States, from this height and weight to his favorite foods. Teachers. Teachers Home ... 7 Fun Facts About George Washington. Our first president's height and weight, favorite foods, the names of his dogs, and more. Grades.


Review 10 facts about George Washington, commander of the Continental Army, and, the first president of the United States, who was unanimously elected. ... 10 Fun Facts About President Zachary Taylor. Martha Washington - America's First First Lady. 8 Interesting Facts about George Washington.


Ten Facts About George Washington and the French & Indian War George Washington was a raw and ambitious 21-year old when he was first sent to the Ohio Valley to confront the growing French presence in the region.


George Washington Facts: did you know that... George Washington is the only U.S. president to have received 100% of the electoral votes?


While the larger-than-life man (literally, at 6-foot, 2-inches, he wasn’t small) doesn’t live up to every legend surrounding his life and presidency, there are still plenty of interesting facts about George Washington.


Washington's World: Interesting Facts. A wide range George of Washington myths have become rooted as fact since he died in 1799. (See FAQs for some of the more common myths that Carl Closs frequently addresses.)


To celebrate George Washington's birthday on February 22, Mary Thompson, Research Historian at Mt. Vernon, shares some little known facts about the multifaceted founding father.


The nation's capitol, along with 1 state, 31 counties and 17 cities (Maybe 18 counting the town of "George," in central Washington State) are named in his honor. ... 10 Facts About George Washington. A Profile of George Washington, the 1st President of the US ... Taiwan Interesting Facts and History.