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Interesting Facts About; 7 Fun Facts About Droughts. Jul 30, 2015. 0. 9343. Share on Facebook. ... Yet in even the darkest of times this world has seen, there are still fun facts to be discovered. Here are some of the most interesting there are about droughts. 1. A Limited Resource.


Facts About Drought. Some of the most interesting facts about drought are the different types, the causes, and the overall impact on social, environmental, and economical levels.


Here are 17 interesting facts about the longest California drought in over a century. The drought currently encompasses over 98% of the state of California. Source. More than 44% of California is in “exceptional” drought — the worst level of drought. Source. Some parts of the Sierra Mountains that typically have 66 inches of snow pack are ...


Drought They can happen anywhere in the United States, and droughts increase the risk of other hazards, like wildfires, flash floods, and possible landslides or debris flows. Visit the FEMA library to download more facts about Droughts


Ten Facts About The Drought. Sep 20,2012 0. The drought currently affecting the United States is one of the worst in history. Many people don’t realize the severity of the situation. It effects the country’s economy and things as simple as food prices. ... Top Ten Interesting Facts About Donald Trump; Top Ten Reasons Why Women Cheat;


A drought can have a massive impact on agriculture and the ecosystem also. Though, some droughts can last only a small period of time, sometimes, less than a month. However, there are also severe droughts which can last years and can have a significant effect on the land which holds the drought.


7 Key Facts About the Drought ... (Fun fact: It takes nearly 700 gallons of water to grow the alfalfa necessary to produce one gallon of milk, and 425 gallons of water to produce 4 ounces of beef


Interesting Drought Facts: The four main types of drought include meteorological (low rain or precipitation), agricultural (lack of soil moisture), hydrological (low water levels in lakes and other water sources), and socioeconomic (drinking and tap water shortages).


Drought – less rainfall than is expected over an extended period of time, usually several months or longer. Or, more formally, it is a deficiency of rainfall over a period of time, resulting in a water shortage for some activity, group, or environmental sector. ...