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10 Amazing Facts About The Apollo 11 Moon Landing. Although the first moon landing was an amazing feat within itself, there is also a fascinating amount of trivia that surrounds the landing. The first humans to walk on the Earth's Moon landed on July 20, 1969.


Here are 30 Interesting Apollo 11 facts. 1-5 Apollo 11 Facts 1. The astronauts of Apollo 11 couldn't get life insurance, so they signed photos that their families could auction in case the landin


The Eagle has landed: 11 amazing facts about Apollo 11. On this day: 1969, July 20, humans for the first time walked on the moon. Here are 11 fascinating facts about the Apollo 11 mission.


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this groundbreaking event, we’re sharing 50 facts about the Apollo 11 mission and its participants. 1. The original goal of the Apollo program was to send a ...


The Apollo 11 Mission Through The Eyes Of The Astronauts And Their Families Government Mistakenly Let Apollo 11 Moon Dust Go For $995, Now It Sells For $1.8 Million Astounding Titanic Facts You've Never Heard Before


Apollo 11 was the first flight to send people to the moon.It was done by NASA, the American space group. It went up to space on 16 July 1969, carrying three astronauts: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.On 20 July 1969, Armstrong and Aldrin became the first humans to land on the moon, while Collins stayed in orbit around the Moon.. The flight was part of the Space Race.


Ten Things You Didn't Know About the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. By Craig Nelson. July 13, 2009. More Technology. Latest. Science. COVID-19 surface tests can’t make public spaces safe just yet.


Civil Rights activists got a front-row seat to the Apollo 11 launch. Not everyone was gung-ho about the U.S. effort to land people on the moon. A few days before the scheduled launch of Apollo 11 ...


The Apollo 11 moon landing celebrates its 45th anniversary and here are some facts you should know about one of history’s greatest events. Source: NASA JULY 20 marks 45 years since mankind first ...


Apollo 11 is a story well-documented.But with so many people involved in the mission and the immense influence of the moon landing, a few facts have fell into relative obscurity.