The Core m5-6Y54, the Core i5-6300HQ and the Core i7-6920HQ are three processors by Intel. While the m5-6Y54 is better suited for portable devices, the other two are high-performance CPUs intended for desktop computers. ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

AMD processors are more cost-efficient than Intel processors and are more suited for less resource-intensive tasks. Intel processors also are built with a smaller process size, which means more power can be squeezed into... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Intel's most recent generation of processors as of July 2015 is codenamed Broadwell and encompasses products ranging from central processing units intended for tablets and notebooks to Xeon-series multicore server proces... More » Technology Computers & Hardware
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Intel’s Core i5 and i7 processors differ in clock speed, hyper-threading capability and the amount of internal cache. For most users, the Core i5 works well, but power users and those with specific software needs benefit... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

As of 2015, the fastest processor in the world is the Bulldog by Advanced Micro Devices; other fast processors include the Core processors by Intel. AMD's Bulldog has a top speed of 8.429 gigahertz. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

The differences between AMD and Intel processors are reflected in their prices, overclocking capabilities and integrated graphics chips, where AMD has a slight advantage. Other differences are evident in their power effi... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

An Intel Core i3 processor is generally the least expensive and lowest performing processor in Intel's "i" family of processors. The Core i3 provides enough power for most everyday computing tasks, such as Internet brows... More » Technology Computers & Hardware